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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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e 3. We are in great expectation of some important y obtained by the squadron under Sir John K"orris4: j told the Duke5 is to be of the expedition: is it true6? e letters, too, talk of France's suddenly declaring war; > they will defer it for a season, or one shall be obliged irn through Germany.
Conclave still subsists, and the divisions still increase ; very near separating last week, but by breaking into )pes ; they were on the dawn of a schism. Aldovrandi7 irty-three voices for three days, but could not procure :juisite two more; the Camerlingo8 having engaged vtion to sign a protestation against him, and each were inclined to elect. I don't know whether one wish for a schism or not; it might probably rekindle I for the church in the powers of Europe, which has • far decaying.
Wednesday we  expect a third she-meteor.    Those luminaries the Ladies Pomfret and Walpole9 are
all fort, on the Isthmus of taken by Admiral Vernon, , 1740.
oral Sir John Norris (1660--d of the Admiralty, 1718-
e "William Augustus (1721-
Dnd son of King George II;
.     of   Cumberland,   1726;
:6 ;   K. GK, 1780 ; wounded
of Dettingen, 1743;  Cap-
ral   of the   Army,  1747-
mander-in-Chief at  Fon-
.5 ;  at Culloden, 1746; re-
L   liia military commands
signature of the Conven-
:>sterzeven (1757).
cty,   July 14.    Sir   John
•fche "Victory," on board
•was   also   the  Duke   of
id., sailed from St. Helen's
j-uadron of 20 men of war.'
., 1740, p. 356.)
al    Pompeo   Aldovrandi,
d.e "bonne maison, estime1,
tgte bien faite; sujet papable.1   (De Crosses.)
8  Cardinal Annibale Albani, the Pope's Chamberlain.
9  Margaret Eolle, Baroness Walpole, afterwards Countess of Orford ; only daughter and heiress of Samuel Bolle, of Heanton Satchville, Devonshire, by Margaret Tuckfield; married 1. (1724), Robert Walpole, Lord Walpole, eldest  son  of the  Prime Minister (whom he succeeded in 1745 as second Earl of Orford); 2. (1761), Hon. SewaUis Shirley,  son of first Earl Ferrers, from both of whom, she   was   separated;   succeeded   as Baroness Clinton and Say (as descendant of Arabella Clinton, eldest daughter of Theophilus Clinton, fifth Earl   of  Lincoln   and Seventeenth Lord Clinton), 1760. Her misconduct, and her inveterate dislike of all the members of the Walpole family (including her husband), are frequently mentioned   in    Horace    Walpole's